When I first starting playing music, I wanted to know everything about it. The different sounds and textures of instruments captivated me; I was fascinated by how different genres of music could emphasize different moods and emotions; I thought for hours on end about how a single person could compose music that moved me in such a way. 

Why should you use me?




Because you want to feel at complete ease knowing you're hiring a professional musician that has over 20 years of musical experience to look after everyone on your special day or event.


Because my teaching styles, combined with my ability to quickly assess people's ability, make learning easier as I can incoporate visual, auditory and kinesthetic exercises where appropriate.


Because I take it upon myself to regularly keep up to date and practiced in old and new forms of musical styles, the latest methods of teaching and leading on a musical level as well as a personal level. I also prepare all of my work before I arrive - failure to plan is a plan to fail!


Because above all else, we are working together to enjoy our experience and to have fun! I pride myself on my ability to build positive relationships with people no matter what their age, ability, gender and confidence level.


Music is an extension of my personality.

Without music I feel empty and unfullfilled. It is not only what I do professionaly, it is a way of life. Being able to share music with people is what makes me feel alive.



If you would like to know more about my musical experience, just ask! 

Simply email info@jennydeaconmusic.com

As a musician...

Jenny has been a performing musician and multi-instrumentalist since she was five years old. 

Beginning her musican journey, as many do, on Piano, she is now Grade 8 having been classically trained in jazz and pop styles. 

After playing piano for a few years she made it her personal goal to learn as many instruments as humanly possible over her lifetime.


She obtained her Grade 8 Flute when she was only fourteen, and continued her performance education in the woodwind family - playing Piccolo, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Baritone Saxophone and even took her Grade 1 Oboe after learning it for 30 minutes to raise money for charity whilst at University (she got a distinction, too!)

As well as woodwind, she started developing her rhythm section skills and experience, picking up her first Electric Guitar in her early teens to learn punk rock and metal, as well as Acoustic Guitar to start learning about songwriting. She taught herself Guitar as well as teaching herself Drums, never with the intention of being professionally learned, but rather to have a better understanding of the instruments within a band setting, as well as being able to busk around when she fancied.


When she was fifteen years old she joined a Steel Pan Orchestra, learning the Tenor Steel Pan. Completely inspired by her band leader Dexter Joseph, she started to step into the world of jazz and improvisation. Dexter encouraged her to start improvising not only on piano but on Tenor pan as well, giving her the confidence to always say 'yes' - try - fail - get better - (and eventually) succeed. 


Over the years, Jenny has played in numerous Orchestras, Wind bands, Jazz Orchestras and ensembles, Wind Quartets and Quintets, Steel Pan bands, Rock and Punk bands, A capella groups, Function bands, Trios and Duos. 

As a singer...

Jenny has been singing professionally since she was fifteen. She has never had a singing lesson, instead mastered her craft through imitation. From a young age she would replicate the sound of different singers (male and female) by changing the shape of her face and tongue position. This has allowed her to be able to sing in multiple styles at the click of a finger.

She sings in jazz, pop, classical and musical theatre styles and is extremely versatile. She has performed as part of an ensemble and as a soloist at:


The Royal Albert Hall

The Barbican Centre

The Liverpool Echo Arena

The o2 Arena

Wembley Arena

The Birmingham NEC


She has taken part in musical productions of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Stephen Sondheim's Company, where she won the Daily Echo 'Best Supporting Actress' award for her performance as Amy.


Being one third of The Lounge Kittens, Jenny has performed at world famous festivals such as Glastonbury (for 2 years consecutively), Download, Sonisphere and have performed all over the UK. In March 2015 they supported the heavy metal band Steel Panther on their All You can Eat tour around the UK and Europe for 4 weeks.

The Lounge Kittens are currently recording their debut album Sequins and C-Bombs and preparing for their own headline UK tour, as well as with Status Quo on their The Last Night Of The Electrics tour in December 2016.

As a musical director...

Jenny has been a musical director since she was eighteen, first by encouraging young children to play jazz and to sing in as a choir. When she attended the University of Southampton she lapped up the opportunity to audition to be a conductor or musical director for various groups and productions. 

Whilst studying for her BAHons in Music, over 3 years she also achieved the following:


Assistant Conductor - Southampton University Concert Band

Assistant Conductor - Southampton University Wind Orchestra

Musical Director - Southampton University Jazz Orchestra

Musical Director - Showstoppers (Musical Theatre Society) Winter Revue 'Seven Deadly Sins'

Musical Director - Showstoppers Production of 'Once On this Island'

Musical Director - Showstoppers 24 Hour Production of 'Wicked'


After graduating with a 2.1 in Music, she began studying towards a MMus in Composition, whilst continuing her musical directing career in Hampshire, leading the Winchester 'Star' choir and leading the Mountbatten Players pantomime 'Cinderella' as well as the South of England Debut performance of Stiles and Drewe's 'Peter Pan'.


Jenny went on to work with the UK's pioneering choir company Rock Choir for 6 years, creating 10 choirs in Hampshire and Dorset from scratch and teaching them between 3-9 part harmony in Rock Choir's unique arrangements.

During her career she took her choirs to perform at hundreds of local community events, often helping to raise thousands of pounds for various charities. She also took them to perform at Wembley Arena, The o2 Arena, Wembley Stadium for large scale events where thousands of Rock Choir members from across the UK would join together to sing and unite as one! 

Rock Choir gave so much to Jenny and really did change her life, so if you want to be a part of something truly special, find yourself, find friends and have fun through singing, you should absolutely sign up for a free taster session. You have nothing to lose!