Vocal Workshops

If you can talk, you can sing!



Singing is the easiest, quickest and most accessible way of being connected to music; it is communal. Singing in a group is by far and large one of the most fun activities to experience, regardless of age, gender, occupation or ability.


I will provide a vocal workshop to suit any occasion, varying in length, musical style and content, and apply it to whatever ability - the phrase 'I can't sing' should not exist!



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To hire Jenny for your school workshop


Jenny will visit your school and teach your children to sing as a choir. The age of your students will determine the level of difficulty brought to the day, but will deliver any musical content you wish if she feels it is appropriate. 


Songs with or without harmony will be taught depending on what you are looking for, and if there is a specific song in mind, Jenny will write a bespoke arrangement for your group.


Half Day workshop

3 hours in length (including breaks to suit your schedule) 50 students minimum


Full Day workshop

 6 hours in length (including breaks and lunch to suit your schedule) At least 2 groups of 50 students.

A full day would normally include multiple groups, either more groups for shorter vocal sessions, or larger groups for larger vocal sessions.


1 Hour workshops

25 students minimum



To hire Jenny for your party!


Do you want a group activity for a party? Or fancy having a good old singing session as part of your birthday or hen party?

Find a song you like, tell Jenny how many people will be attending, and she'll arrange any song you like just for your group!

To hire Jenny for your Corporate workshop


Does your company ethos include group singing or taking part in a group activity? Do you need some light entertainment to break up a long conference day? Jenny can provide workshops to bring your employees together. 


Economy package

1 hour in length

Jenny will teach your group to sing a song of your choice or, Jenny's choice if requested, that reaches your company's ethos. 


Option 1 - (20 -100 people)

Option 2 - (100 - 200 people)

Option 3 - (200+ people)



Economy plus package

The same as Economy but we will capture photos and video the event, creating a video memory of the session.


Premier package

2.5 hours in length (or tailored to suit you)

Economy content but as well as teaching, we will split the group into smaller groups and re-write the lyrics to the chosen song to represent your company ethos. The smaller groups will then perform their renditions to the rest of the company! This also includes photos and a video.

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Did you know?


"Singing has physical benefits because it is an aerobic activity that increases oxygenation in the blood stream and exercises major muscle groups in the upper body, even when sitting. Psychological benefits are also evident when people sing together as well as alone because of the increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour."


To read more from Professor Graham Welch, click here!