The Lounge Kittens

Tune, cheeky, glamorous and geeky!


The Lounge Kittens are a 3 part harmony vocal trio with a twist - taking unlikely songs and covering them in an unlikely manner. They're mainly known for their take on the Rock and Metal genre and were first properly launched into the musical stratesphere when they made a music video to their rendition of Limp Bizkit's Rollin' in 2014.


The video went viral, and was endorsed by Limp Bizkit's frontman Fred Durst which booked them slots at Glastonbury Festival and Sonisphere festival, where they were asked personally by Fred Durst to open their show on the main stage to 50,000 people.


Since their launch into the music industry, the naughty but nice trio have made multiple music videos on Youtube (accumulating over 1 million views), released an EP 'Just The Tip' and supported the heavy metal band Steel Panther on their 2015 UK and Europe 'All You can Eat' tour. 


The Lounge Kittens are currently completing their debut album 'Sequins And C-Bombs' set for release in September 2016, and are ready for a jam packed summer of festivals and cabarets. 


For more information of what the girls are up to and where you can see them live, visit their website


“TLK are the most amazing group of singers. Funny, talented and sexy. I think one day we will be opening for them.” – Michael Starr, Steel Panther

"Loving it" - Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit

"I love your version - killer job!" - Corey Taylor, Slipknot

“You are the PARTIEST kittens I’ve ever lounged around with!” – Andrew W.K.


"You have the makings of a very interesting act. The music industry is crying out for something different" - Danny Bowes, Thunder

"The three of you sing better than anyone I know" - Mark Thomas, Black Spiders

"Your voices blend really well - it's great! I love the concept of doing Alice Cooper and Toto in that style. Very cool" - James Willard, Brother & Bones

Praise for the Lounge Kittens
The Lounge Kittens are crowd funding with Pledge to help make their debut album 'Sequins and C-Bombs'.
If you'd like to pledge and be a part of the 'C-Bomb Squad' click here!