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"I’ve been booking Jenny Deacon for session work and songwriting since 2013.


I am consistently impressed with the standard of musician that she is. She’s an incredible pianist with gorgeous, versatile vocals and she also has perfect pitch, making her extremely useful in the recording studio. She has a pro attitude and a great work ethic, with tons of personality. Working with her is a delight."

Andrew Small

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"In many ways, Jenny is the perfect session musician, and I really mean that. She is an exceptionally talented, creative and versatile musician with surprisingly wide ranging skills.


The first time I booked her as a pianist for a session, she not only nailed the piano part but also wrote and recorded a backing vocal arrangement on the fly!


It's difficult to find musicians or singers with Jenny's level of skill and creativity, when you add in her solid professionalism, punctuality, reliability and instantly loveable personality, I would honestly say that you can expect to meet only a handful like her in a whole career.


She is always my first choice for piano, female vocals, backing vocals and arrangements and I couldn't recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants the very best out of their session musicians."

Olli Daffarn

"Jenny is quite simply the best musician I have ever seen.

I booked her through Olli Daffarn at Blue Dot Studios when I decided I wanted one of my EP songs to be a piano piece (I play guitar). I was quoted £120 for the session, which I initially hesitated at as it pushed me slightly over budget, but I was assured by Olli that Jenny was worth it. He wasn’t wrong. Had I known how good she was I would’ve easily paid double the amount and not given a monkeys about my budget!

She came in, had a cup of tea and some toast, and then just clicked into action; it was one of the most incredible outpourings of creativity I have ever witnessed. She played a take through of my song and I instantly thought it was perfect, she then played more and more takes, each one just blowing me away with how skilled she was as a pianist. A lot of people can play the piano; Jenny made it SING.


I’ve never seen anything like it, and I would jump at any chance to work with her again. If I need any piano for future recordings, I will turn to Jenny from now on, every time. I honestly believe she is one of the most talented pianists in the country. Don’t even look at other options if you need to book a session pianist. Choose Jenny. You will not get any better."

Robert May

"Jenny Deacon is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met.
In the 6 years I have known her, she has brightened my world in many ways.
She has the gift of being able to communicate what is the most amazing musical knowledge to anyone and everyone.
She is a musician in the widest sense - academically she is gifted; in performance, vocally or instrumentally she excels, whatever the genre; socially she just delivers joy.
Often musicians who can 'do', 'create' and 're-invent' can only work within their own bubble - not Jenny.
Jenny wraps her arms around you and welcomes you in.
Employ her, work with her, involve her - it will be the best thing you ever did!"

Maxine Farmer

School Teacher

"I believe Jenny is possible one of the most naturally gifted musicians I have ever met.  She led a group of her peers to sing the piece Gota, Jenny guided the group, inspired them, and enabled the team to produce something we were all hugely proud of and, for some of us, got us to achieve something we didn’t think we could do, on many levels.  I will forever be grateful to her for the experience I had that evening."

Thomas George BA hons

'Jenny is a highly talented and dedicated musician and educator.

Jenny's fun and tenacious personality inspires both students and teachers alike to get involved and build confidence to sing without
being self-conscious.

With careful bespoke planning, Jenny encourages schools to sing more often, giving them the skills to sing with better quality, supporting students and staff to allow a lasting legacy.

Jenny's ability to enthuse people to sing together coupled with her attention to detail,  has made her a popular choice to lead chamber choirs of 12 to multi school chorus of 1200.

Highly recommended for students of all ages and abilities as well as staff CPD'

Lee Marchant

"I know Jenny as a choir teacher, a choir leader, a musical arranger and performer.


Firstly, as a teacher, she is incredibly passionate, energetic, encouraging, supportive and patient. She always strives to get the best out of the choir with her meticulous attention to detail, her “bat ears” and perfect pitch. She anticipates the parts that the choir will find difficult and always comes up with strategies and tips to allow the choir to learn their parts confidently and competently. Whilst always positive, she is not afraid to give constructive feedback and suggest ways in which we could improve the sound.


As a choir leader, we came to rely on her precise and extensive visual cues to ensure that we performed to the best of our ability. She demanded professionalism when we were performing and clearly took her responsibilities seriously, representing the Rock Choir brand with pride.


It is a delight to see Jenny’s musical talents, sense of humour and incredibly versatile voice being unleashed with the Lounge Kittens. It’s clear that her musical precision and attention to detail are being harnessed with great success.


We were lucky enough as a choir to record Jenny’s arrangement of “Bridge over troubled water” at Abbey Road studios. She is passionate about many genres of music, from Disney and Musical Theatre to Thrash Metal, and clearly understands the theory behind music-making in general.


Jenny is an instinctive talent, a force of nature and one of the most talented and inspirational people I’ve met. She has truly changed people’s lives through her passion for music and the accessibility of her teaching style. She has inspired many of us to do things we may not have dared to do by creating such a supportive environment for people to embrace their love of music."

Suzie Withers

Business Analyst and Linguist

"I have had the great pleasure of attending many choir workshops led by Jenny as well as being led by her as our former choir leader at Rock Choir. She is a very talented musician and the consummate professional. She is dedicated to creating arrangements which work with a choir as well as creating her own works. She strives to bring the best out of those she leads when performing choral work whilst injecting some humour to make it a fun experience rather than a chore.

Anyone who has had the fortune to work with Jenny will tell you with a smile on their face that they had a great time and experience."

Nick McCullen, BEng (Hons)

"Jenny Deacon was my Rock Choir leader for three years and from the moment I met her I realised she was a very talented person. She is an excellent teacher and leader. She is full of enthusiasm for everything she does and that enthusiasm is infectious. She has  enormous patience with everyone and always approaches everything with a smile.

She has led workshops that I have taken part in, arranging the music and scores for up to six part harmony, and every time the outcome is always superb. I once posted on Facebook a recording that was made after an acapella workshop Jenny led where she taught us the song Only You. An acquaintance of mine who is a musician questioned that Jenny had taught us the parts from scratch in a few hours. When he realised she had he commented on her incredible ability , not only as a musician but as a teacher as he had been trying to achieve similar without success.

Jenny is able to detect  a wrong note sung by one person in a large choir with ease such us her musical ear! She is also able to conduct a six part score, giving clues to bring everyone in at the correct times. A talent indeed!

She plays a variety of instruments, and, having heard her scatting with a jazz band recently, she is just as talented at using her voice in a variety of ways.

I joined others to sing with Russell Watson a few weeks ago , singing the likes of Nessum Dorma and Toreador in Italian and French, with Jenny as our Musical Director. Russell 's MD commented on our professionalism, which was totally because of Jenny. It was good to see that in that context they quickly treated her as an equal as her professionalism is obvious.

I have heard several original songs that Jenny has written as well and I am also amazed at the beautiful harmonies that she is able to achieve.

To sum Jenny up, she is professional and talented with the ability to motivate and inspire others with ease. A truly remarkable person."


Pauline Dukes

Primary School Headteacher for 13 years

"I have had the good fortune to have had Jenny as a singing teacher for the past 2 years. In that time, she has taught me singing techniques such as phrasing, diction, breathing and expression. Jenny is especially skilled at teaching complex arrangements in a fun and accessible way. Her singing workshops are extremely fun and professionally led.
Jenny encourages and gets the best out of everyone she teaches. I have recently joined the choir of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra largely due to the confidence and belief that Jenny has given me in my abilities to sing and perform." 

Maya Tipper

Rock Choir Member

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