Jenny singing lead vocal (and rap) in 'the Rock Choir arrangement of Joyful Joyful'.
It was sung alongside the New Forest and Southampton Morning Rock Choir and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

'Mama Knows Best' featuring Jenny Deacon


Music by Andrew Fisher
Lyrics by Andrew Fisher, James Gillingham and Rupert Waring

From the musical Moon On A Stick

Original song 'Take Care' written by Jenny Deacon
The song was written for a friend who 'took flight' from their friendship. She still hasn't heard from him.
Jenny's bespoke arrangement of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Simon and Garfunkle.
She wrote the piece especially for the singers she taught in Rock Choir, to have a special memory of their trip to record at Abbey Road Studios.
Jenny singing her favourite Jazz standard 'Misty'.